Frequently Asked Questions

  1. I did not receive my confirmation email?

    Despite our good reputation, sometimes our emails may be filtered into your junk folder or spam folder. Please check in there and see if that is what is occuring.

  2. How does Mind Metrics find such good matches?

    Well in general most matching sites base their recommendations on the answers to a series of questions. While that may seem fairly straight forward, that model can be very inaccurate. The issue lies in the fact that people perceive the meaning of many words very differently. For instance, many sites include a question that is put forth something like, how often do you drink. The answers that follow are something along the lines of a) Never b) Socially c) I have a drinking problem. Well the first and third answer probably have a pretty good record of matching people together correctly. However answer b) is where you find the most disparity in matches. To some, socially could mean once a month, and to others it could mean 7 nights a week.

    Mind Metrics has minimized the problem by enlisting the beauty and simplicity of photos. Instead of answering loaded questions, users simply click on their favorite picture out of two that are shown to them.

  3. Why don't you include horoscopes?

    Superstition serves no purpose in locating people who are like-minded. If you believe that horoscopes actually have an effect on whether or not you will be get along with someone, it is no wonder you are still looking.

  4. Forgot my password

    You can enter your email address at and a new password will be sent to you.

  5. Do you screen your members?

    Absolutely not. Use the same caution you would if you were to meet someone through a classified ad in a newspaper.