About Us

MindMetrics.com is a simple straightforward compatibility filter that uses picture sets to help identify like-minded people in a safe and fun environment.

The heart of this new site associates people of like personalities with each other using social science and a thin-slicing algorithm.

Similar to many of the case studies Malcolm Gladwell cites in his #1 National Bestseller BLINK; The Power of Thinking Without Thinking, the website uses Scientifically-Based Predictors that present a paradigm shift in matching technology.

Different than all of the other existing social networking or dating sites, the MindMetrics Science of Simplicity transcends language, race, gender, religion, and politics.

The patent pending thin-slicing algorithm virtually eliminates the flaws found in conventional compatibility testing systems where:

  1. People try and answer what they think the right answer is.
  2. Self perception is almost never accurate.
  3. The meanings of answers vary wildly from one person to another.

MindMetrics.com is not another questionnaire that converts answers into personality descriptions that guess whether you are truly generous, compassionate, or lovable.

MindMetrics.com is a revolutionary system that pulls back the curtain and matches the real you with people that can stand being around you.

Give it a Try Today it's completely FREE, and Invite your friends, foes, and colleagues to see if you are truly a match.

Dr. Jali A'mita